What types of notices fall under the different categories (Bids, Personal Property, etc.)?


Bids are submitted from the following places: cities, construction firms, counties, contractors, architects, private parties, specialized services, etc. The notice usually includes information about the project and provides the public with a contact name for details about solicitation, rules for submissions of bids, and awarding of the contract.


Includes any notice which primary affects a business such as an incorporation, license requests, LLC, LLP, & LLLC, etc.


Any notice which is tied to an individual but does not have a real property component. Includes things like divorce summons, adoption notices, name changes, etc.


Any notice that is published by the government or public meetings or minutes.

Personal Property

These sales are sometimes called Sheriff Sales (not to be confused with real estate sheriff sales) because they are held by a sheriff. Usually they take place at the location of the storage companies, moving companies, or a mechanic shop. They are held when a bill has gone unpaid and all attempts to collect have not produced payment. Goods are then sold to fulfill the debt.


Probate notices involve the estates of deceased individuals or the appointment of adult conservatorships and minor guardianships. These notices can provide advance notice about a change in the disposition or ownership of certain assets or properties. In deceased estates, creditors are alerted to file their claims. The appointment of a conservator or guardian provides information about who will be responsible for that individual's affairs.

Real Estate

Real estate notices are related to home and land including: sheriff sales, condemnation, partition sale, postponement, redemption notice, summons, and trustee sale.

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